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Brass Bound Bucket
Wooden bucket bound by three Brass rings, exellent condition. ..
Bretby Majolica Jardiniere
Bretby Majolica early 20th century Jardiniere ..
David Lloyd Jones Studio Pottery Planter
Brown Studio pottery planter by David Lloyd Jones. Very collectable pottery. In excellent condition...
Doulton Lambeth Motto Jug
A Doulton Lambeth Mottp Jug by Louisa J Davis, manufactured between 1873 and 1895. Small glazing ..
Golfing Print
Print of an engraving entitled "To the Society of Coffers at Blackheath -This Plate is with just res..
Hornby Dublo 3rd class LNER Teak coach
Hornby Dublo 3rd class London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) Teak coach with litho windows...
Hornby Dublo Bo-Bo Diesel-Electric Locomotive
Hornby Dublo 3-rail Loco. L30 British Rail Bo-Bo Diesel-Electric loco No. D8000. ..
Hornby Dublo British Rail "Mallard" locomotive
Hornby Dublo Locomotive British Rail 4-6-2 "Mallard", with tender. Produced in1958 only, w..
Hornby Dublo British Rail 1st class/3rd class Suburban coach
Hornby Dublo 3-rail British Rail Suburban Coach 1st class/3rd class. Part D13/32090. Produced betwee..
Hornby Dublo British Rail 1st/2nd corridor coach
Hornby Dublo 3-rail British Rail 1st class/2nd class Suburban Coach. Part number D22/3202. Prod..
Hornby Dublo British Rail Bogie Bolster Wagon
Hornby Dublo Bogie Bolster Wagon - British Rail. Condition very good, all transfers intact. Produced..
Hornby Dublo British Rail Bogie Well Wagon
Hornby Dublo British Rail 40-ton Bogie Well Wagon. Part number D1/32053 with Blue and Whit..
Hornby Dublo British Rail Coal Wagon
Hornby Dublo High Sided Coal Wagon - British Rail.  The condition is good with some loss of pai..
Hornby Dublo British Rail Goods Van
Hornby Dublo 3-rail British Rail goods van. Part number D1/32040. In excellent condition. ..
Hornby Dublo British Rail Locomotive "Bristol Castle"
Hornby Dublo British Rail Locomotive "Bristol Castle", with tender and "The Bristolian" headboard. U..
Hornby Dublo British Rail Mineral Wagon
Hornby Dublo British Rail grey mineral wagon. Part number D2/32056. Produced between 1953 - 1958. In..
Hornby Dublo British Rail tank locomotive
Hornby Dublo 0-6-2 Tank Locomotive British Rail No 69567. EDL17. An uncommon, early 3-rail ..
Hornby Dublo Coal Wagon
Hornby Dublo High Sided Coal Wagon - North Eastern, with coal. A rare model. The condition is good w..
Hornby Dublo Corridor Coach - 1st/3rd class - printed windows
Hornby Dublo Corridor Coach in British Rail livery, 1st/3rd class with printed windows. Produce..
Hornby Dublo Corridor Coach - 3rd/Brake
Hornby Dublo Corridor Coach - 3rd/Brake. In good condition but for a scratch on one side. ..
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